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The Dezinformatsia Affair - Ep 3

Led by an ex-KGB spymaster president, Russian's kleptocratic government is very good when it comes to controlling the Grey Zone operations, which usually concern themselves with shaping the opinions of the public-at-large ahead of armed conflicts. 

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The Dezinformatsia Affair - Ep 2

The president's campaign of lies could have a 'chilling effect' on trust, faith and recruitment for the secret services. Now journalists say that the shutdown could have a disastrous effect on public service enrollment.

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The Dezinformatsia Affair - Ep 1

We shall begin this series of inquiries, a romp actually, into this peculiar Russian export with a brief look at Russian generated disinformation in Russia itself, and its immediate neighbors. Unfortunately yes, Russia is at war with the West. But as you probably know, this war is one that is carried out with lies and deceit in front of computers, on social media and suspicious or

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