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How to Build Your OWN Opinions

The Internet's not going to change. That's a given. You have to change.

Rest assured that all sorts of dog doody will find its way on the internet and on the social medias to keep on clogging your synapses as soon as you get online, overwhelming, transforming or hiding whatever is true.

Here's a little toolbox of means to fight back.

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The Dezinformatsia Affair - Ep 3

Led by an ex-KGB spymaster president, Russian's kleptocratic government is very good when it comes to controlling the Grey Zone operations, which usually concern themselves with shaping the opinions of the public-at-large ahead of armed conflicts. 

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The Dezinformatsia Affair - Ep 2

The president's campaign of lies could have a 'chilling effect' on trust, faith and recruitment for the secret services. Now journalists say that the shutdown could have a disastrous effect on public service enrollment.

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