Premium Access Reservation Deposit

Premium Access Reservation Deposit


You know you've got get a great hand in this poker game, so go all-in!
Live live in this exclusive Montreal mansion for the greatest Bond experience of this summer.
Secure your room in this luxurious mansion early, as only 8 rooms are available. Living there is like having a backstage pass to a Bond movie. Parachute yourself right in the middle of the action!
Be there with the crew, mingle with the trainers, access the cars, play your hand, enjoy The Life.

Secure a Spot

The rooms are selected in the order of which the reservations were made. The time stamp of the transaction is used to sort the list. The first to place a reservation will be given the first choice and on so on until all rooms are assigned. 

The premium package includes access to all the sessions, breakfast, lunches and dinners, video footage of the experience, interview with Super Spy Me crew, one on one coaching with trainers, access to luxury cars on Saturday and Sunday. 

Basically everything!


Deposits are reimbursed for all cancellation 2 weeks prior to the event to allow sufficient time for suitable replacements.