Music: Stick-In-The-Mud and beyond


I keep listening to Tommy Castro's 'Hard Believer' when I'm outdoors. I just love that old time Blues and Rhythm & Blues groove, and Tommy Castro knows how to make it all new again. There's even a song on that album, 'The Trouble With Soul', that'll leave you wondering if you're listening to Steely Dan. That's how good these guys are. I'm now waiting for delivery of The Essential Tommy Castro. I'm kind of a collector of 'Best Of...' albums from groups such as The Doors or Fleetwood Mac, CCR, Dylan (especially 'Highway 61 Revisited', which is a Best Of An Era, all by itself) et als.


My much-beloved Dad was a violinist, so I was raised on classical music. His rendition of Mendelssohn's violin concerto in E minor, inspired by his preferred violinist and wonderful crazyman Jascha Heifetz, was the very image of his soul, and still tears me up to this day. Isn't that what music is all about?  I do listen to a lot of Beethoven, of course, Mozart, Chopin, Paganini, but mainly Bach and anything baroque and renaissance, and more obscure composers like John Dowland (especially when I'm writing). It took me 10 years of trial by attentive listening to finally grok Jazz, so now I'm staying in 'safe' (for me) Jazz country : 'Kind Of Blue', 'Giant Steps' and 'Blue Train' and some Oscar Peterson.


I love Aurora. She's a beautiful young Norwegian woman of dainty feet who looks a bit like Yolandi Visser but above all, she's a very good singer-composer and very much worth a listen. DePhazz, Fallout Boys, Sheepdogs, Flaming Lips and another “F” group, Franz Ferdinand. I like Jack Johnson. My favorite is July Talk.

They totally blow me away!