The Big Lie, a.k.a. Die große Lüge

I gave you the exact translation right next to it, just to let you know that it came from a book in German, titled Mein Kampf, written by one Adolf Schicklgruber.

His Big Lie seems to rest on a logical fallacy. According to him (it?), a Big Lie is a lie so big that people will tend to believe it just because it's so enormous that nobody would expect it to be believed, if it weren't true. And all the better if The Big Lie is repeated ad nauseam.

Schicklgruber's Big Lies, such as : 'The International Jewish Conspiracy Started The First World War In Order To Beat Down And Humiliate You!' (I’m paraphrasing), were tailor-made to help him accomplish his nefarious goals. His lies led to the death in horrible circumstances of about six million Jews and five million gentiles. Germany, now going on a century later, is still picking itself up morally from the Big Lies that resulted in all those Big Deaths, and their myriad consequences.

That's the way fascism rolls. Fascism needs to invent a victim, any victim, preferably a victim very easy to persecute.

But... doesn't The Big Lie remind you of someone?