10 Skills to Living the Bond Lifestyle

If you want to breeze through life, handling challenges with the perfect blend of grace, panache, strength and style - just like super-spy 007 always does in James Bond novels and films - you will need to grasp the fundamentals of living the Bond lifestyle.

After all, this British hero, who was created by author Ian Fleming way back in 1953, had to pay his dues by training intensively before he was able to become a strong, confident and powerful operative.

Known as a ladies’ man, a gourmand and a stone-cold assassin (with a license to kill), Bond is never to be trifled with, unless he wants to be. In other words, he’s a loyal friend and a dangerous enemy. If you’re interested in developing skills which will give you a little Bond-style charm and charisma, you’ll find our detailed guide very inspiring.

Now, its time for you to access your own “00” training, which will help you to manifest your personal power, each and every day…

Blending in

Every gang or club has its own way of doing things. You Bond’s a rule-breaker, to be sure, but he definitely knows the rules. He’s able to play in the big leagues because he understands social etiquette inside and out. From the decadent casinos of Monaco and beyond, he understands that impeccable manners smooth his pathway, allowing him to blend in among society’s most elite members.

If you want to start living the Bond lifestyle, you’ll also need to grasp social etiquette. In other words, you’ll also need to learn the rules before you can break them. In order to get started, check out websites which detail failsafe rules of social etiquette, or grab a book on etiquette from a local library or bookstore.

Body language & Lie spotting

“007” knows how to see through people. He’s learned how to spot lies and deflections by studying people’s eyes, bodies and movements. This time-saving method of understanding the inner workings of other people allows him to make snap judgments when it’s necessary (and, with him, these sorts of snap judgments are often necessary!).

To get a handle on body language and lie spotting, take the time to study the art of deception. These days, there are tons of resources, both on and offline, which demonstrate telltale behaviors which indicate deception. One fun way to learn is by watching the TV show, Lie to Me, on Netflix. This show features an expert who uses his body language and lie-spotting techniques in order to solve crimes and mysteries…

Know your drinks and cocktails

Shaken, not stirred? Bond’s preferred martini preparation method is the stuff of legend. To get the 007 vibe, you will also need to know your drinks inside and out. Nowadays, “mixologists” are the world’s cocktail experts. Finding blogs or other resources written by mixologists (which detail the most appealing cocktails around) may just help you to isolate your “signature drink”. Once you’ve found it, whether it’s a classic Manhattan, a minty Cuban mojito or what have you, order it with total confidence, just like James Bond does…and order it often…

Dress to kill

You won’t catch James Bond slobbing out…at least, not while he has an audience. Even casual 007 wear is always infused with pure style. To get the look, dress to kill by choosing fitted, single-breasted suits in cool charcoal or basic black. Look for very clean lines – never choose anything fussy. Get your duds custom-made if you can afford it. Wear these suits with pale shirts and designer ties. A linen suit in a light cream shade will be great for steamy tropical locales. For formal events, it’s all about a classic tuxedo which fits you like a glove.

Other accessories which Bond requires in order to look good while getting the job done include expensive sports watches, leather bomber jackets and very good shoes.

See James Bond Lifestyle web site for exact Bond attires. He lists all the brands per movie.

Master poker

Poker is all about reading people for fun and profit, and Bond obviously excels at reading people – after all, he’s trained to see through all kinds of subterfuge, while always maintaining his own “poker face”. To develop poker skills of your own, play the game online. Don’t start by betting actual money, especially if you’re a total newbie. Instead, play games that don’t require cash antes and then learn as you go along.

Poker is so hot these days that you’ll have no shortage of opportunities to bone up, including online gaming, tutorials, books and videos. Use these resources to play the game just like 007 would (you know he plays to win!).


Martial arts and Self-defense

007 routinely kicks ass out in the world, knocking villains down like bowling pins. He does it because he’s a martial arts master. When you study martial arts and other forms of self-defense, you will access self-confidence in abundance. Even if you never have to use your Karate, Muay Thai or boxing skills in the real world, you’ll always know that you can. Many “dojos” in your local community will feature martial arts and self-defense courses – so, why not sign up today?


Learn languages

Bond handles himself beautifully, no matter what country he’s in. He is able to do this because he knows tons of languages. While mastering a new language will always be a tough process, it’s definitely a great way to feel more at ease in another place, and it may open up all sorts of opportunities. Whether you choose to learn a host of languages, like 007 did, or focus on one new language, you’ll find that mastering another tongue gives you a lot more sophistication…

Sense of humour

Your sense of humour should be like Bond’s favorite martini – dry. After all, 007’s one-liners are delightfully deadpan in terms of tone (check out Roger Moore’s Bond films, such as Octopussy, to hear some of the best. Moore was known as a more humorous Bond…)

Often, Bond’s humour is about grace under pressure. Even in the midst of stress, violence and eminent destruction, he’s able to joke around. It’s all about poise, and that’s what you’ll access when you learn to stop taking it all so seriously, even when you’re definitely in hot water…

Exude charm 

The most charismatic people have learned how to quietly charm others with just a smoldering gaze or a playful glance. In other words, they don’t even need to speak. When you learn to harness your own personal power through eye contact and body language, you’ll also begin to exude charm which makes you magnetic. If you don’t feel confident, work on yourself. Study up on how to charm others and then put your teachings into practice. Fake it until you feel it.

Network with talented people

Even a “lone ranger” like James Bond occasionally needs some backup. He needs a team on his side. His knack for working with talented people, such as the powerful “M” and the practical “Miss Moneypenny”, help him to get things done fast. If you want to maximize your potential, you should consider networking more often. Finding talented people who can work with you, or simply become new friends, will help you to develop as a person.