Empowering Activities

Empowerment is one of the most deadly weapons that we can use against our enemies and difficulties that we experience in our lifetime.  With the use of empowerment, you will be able to build an ample amount of self-confidence and effectively understand how self-improvement can lead you down a path that you never knew existed.  There are an array of different self-empowerment activities that you can use to your advantage to not only become a better person, but to also become a role model for the people around you.

1. Getting Up and Being Active

The first thing that you will want to take into consideration when you are trying to achieve a James Bond confidence level is to get up and be active first thing in the morning.  It is important that you know that the day has started and it is full of new opportunities that you can take advantage of to better yourself.  Not to mention that being active is a fantastic way to make sure that you can increase the overall amount of endorphins that your body experiences.  The more endorphins that you have, the happier you are and the more empowered you will feel.

Whether you decide that you want to go to the gym for a quick workout or if you do a small amount of bedtime yoga, don’t let the day slip away and take every opportunity that you are presented with.

2. Affirmations and Incantations

Many people find it advantageous to compile a list of their favorite affirmations and incantations that they can recite throughout the day.  Empowerment comes from within and what could be better than reminding yourself of how happy you are and how happy you will become?    Affirmations are useful for reminding yourself of the things that you have and the goals that you have accomplished, whether on a yearly or even an hourly basis.  In terms of incantations, they are essentially affirmations but said with a stronger and more emotional feeling.  With the use of these two verbal commitments, you will feel more empowered every day.

3. Listing Your Assets

Every human being has assets, whether they are financial assets or emotional ones.  It is important that you are constantly reminding yourself of what you currently have that makes you happy.  Grab a piece of paper and first thing in the morning, write out all of the things that you are essentially thankful for or proud of.  It can be one thing to think about all of your assets but it is a completely different thing to actually see them written on paper and in your everyday life.

You may even find it advantageous to buy a self-improvement journal that you can write your assets in on a daily basis.  This will allow you to review them after you have written them so that you can recognize what you already have.  As an example, if you are an athletic and intelligent person, list these two characteristics as your assets.  It is a great way to boost your self-confidence.

4. Finding and Showing Gratitude

There are numerous situations that you will encounter where you will be required to show your gratitude.  The first step to having a great attitude and to feeling empowered is to be able to show gratitude, whether it is for a specific person, a place, or even a chain of events.  Once you have a self-improvement journal you can not only use it for listing your assets, but to also explain what you have gratitude for.  If you find that you aren’t quite interested in owning a journal, you can easily express gratitude to the people around you without having to write it down.

Being able to experience this emotion is a fantastic way to make sure that you see what is truly happening in your life to help lift yourself up out of depression.  Not to mention that being thankful is a great way to start the day.

5. Treat Yourself

What would self-empowerment be if you weren’t able to treat yourself for accomplishing goals?  Make a list of the top 10 things that you love, whether it is a material possession or a place that you hold close to your heart and make sure that you give these 10 things to yourself.  This is the number one way to show yourself that you love yourself and to make sure that you feel empowered, not to mention that you can also bask in the glory of treating yourself.

You can even consider if you want to share these treats with someone close to you, such as a friend or a family member.  As an example, if you have accomplished 5 goals in one week, take yourself and a friend out to dinner.