Bond Worthy Sun Drinks

When the heat kicks in it is time for fun in the sun and some great Bond worthy sun drinks. When it is time to grab a drink around the pool or at a cocktail party the last thing you want is a drink that is not going to enhance your maleness.

While summer drinks are often served in frilly cups with umbrellas and straws there are some drinks you can choose where no straw is required! Take a look at the list below to get your drink on in style.

Lets Have a Cocktail!

The term cocktail sounds better than 'drink' but it does not have to mean full of frill! Here are some manly drinks worthy of James Bond.

The Hole In One

The “Hole In One” is a big hit and super manly! It is 50ml of Johnnie Walker Red, 850 ml of sweet iced tea and one tablespoon of honey served over ice in a tall glass. This refreshing drink has just enough booze to make it a drink but it is not so heavy that it makes you feel to heated up!

Throw a lemon wedge in for a little extra refreshment.

Patron (as in tequilla) Julep

Here is a manly twist on a mint julep. You serve 50ml of Patron Tequilla with about 10-12 mint leaves 90 ml of apple juice and the juice from a half a lime. You combine all in a tall shaker and shake together. Using the strainer you pour into a tall glass over ice and serve with a a single mint leaf garnish on top. Very refreshing.

Brandy Sour

Use Pisco (grape brandy) 89 ml, simple syrup 30ml and 30 ml of lime juice combined with one egg white to get one of the best tasting sours you have ever tried. The secret to the super sour is the Angostura bitters ( 2-3 shakes). Combine all but the Angostura bitters in a shaker container and shake away. Pour mixture over ice in a rocks glass and sprinkle the bitters on the foam of the egg white.

Brazilian Rum Drink

Combine any good Brazilian style rum and the juice of half a large lime and 20 ml of simple syrup. Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. This drink is best served over crushed ice and while the recipe does call for a straw you can absolutely forgo the straw without changing the taste!

Makers Mark Summer Mash

Makers Mark is a top shelf Bourbon that is absolutely James Bond worthy. This simple drink turns a Maker Mark on the rocks into something a little more refreshing for the summer heat. You will need 50 ml of Makers Mark (you can substitute a less expensive Bourbon but why would you) pineapple slices, Triple Sec liquor, grenadine and orange juice. You want to have equal parts of all ingredients except the Makers Mark which 50 ml is perfect.

Combine all ingredients (leave pineapple slices to the side they are for garnish) and shake in a cocktail shaker. Serve over ice (crushed if you would like) add pineapple as garnish.

Gordons with Ellderflower

Gordons Gin (now that is a manly drink) mixed with Martini Rosso and Aperol all mixed together in equal parts and there you have it! Served over ice. A nice twist on a boring Gin and tonic without too much work and zero fru fru ingredients on the list!

Courvoisier (Brandy) Punch

Add Brandy, Lemonade and a couple of shakes of bitter and you have an amazing after dinner summertime drink. Mix 250 ml of any good brandy in a punch bowl with sliced oranges and lemons and add 750 ml of lemonade. It is that simple serve in glasses over ice.

Gold and Soda

Macallan Gold Whiskey 50ml, 5 ml honey syrup, couple of shakes of whiskey bitters and a lemon peel and you have a really refreshing summer time drink that is super manly. Serve it all in a highball glass crammed with ice. You will have to use a lot of ice because you do not have a lot of liquid mixer floating in this one.

Beer and Rum

This is a simple two ingredient drink but it is not for the weak. 50 ml of and dark spiced rum mixed with 100ml any dark spiced beer served over ice! The cool crisp beer will easily make this a summer time favorite.

Apple Vodka Rocks

50ml of vodka mixed with 100 ml of cloudy (unrefined) apple juice or cider garnished with a slice of apple and served over some ice cubes. Great summer refresher. You can use any type of Vodka but if you want an extra kick try one of the flavored vodkas that will compliment that apple juice. Like Apple Vodka or Vanilla Vodka there are plenty to choose from.