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Marvel gave muscles to James Bond

A look at the early James Bond reveals that Bond wasn't a big musclebound guy; in fact he has been described as being quite the opposite. In Ian Fleming’s novels, particularly in “From Russia With Love”, Bond is described as a slimly build 6-foot tall man weighing about 168 Pounds. Given that the character has been described as a heavy smoker, one can quickly assume that Bond wasn’t the gym type of agent.

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Tips and Tricks for Learning How to Surf

You’ve probably seen a movie where a group of teens have had the time of their lives on the open water paddling out towards waves.  Surfing is a great way to spend time with your friends meanwhile enjoying all of the benefits that the ocean has to offer.  Whether you live in an area that offers an ample amount of surfing opportunities or if you are interested in trying something new on vacation, there are many advantages pertaining to learning how to surf.

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