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Having Goals and Achieving Them

In this new series of articles we explore tools and ideas to enable you to grow your Self Confidence.

"I don't have dreams, I have goals" - Harvey Specter

Goals are one of the most important components to ensuring that your see success in your lifetime, regardless of whether it is for your personal life or for your career.  With the opportunity to take advantage of goals, you will have the opportunity to make a life plan that will assist you with reaching heights that you never knew existed.  Goals are not only a great way to ensure success, but to also...

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This Months Bond's Lifestyle in the Heat

Everything James Bond touches turns to gold and with that being said, there are thousands of men throughout the world who are looking for ways that they can live the Bond lifestyle.  Although we are aware of the suits and extravagance that surrounds James Bond, what about his summer style?  Below are tips that you can use to live as a summer Bond and enjoy the warmer months.

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