Confidence Boosting Power Postures


Every person has encountered a situation where they wished that they had James Bond confidence, the type of self-confidence that allows them to control a room.  There are many different things that you should take into consideration when you have decided to take control of your life and become the person that you have always wanted to be.  With that being said, the most important aspect of self-improvement is to refine your power posture.

What is a Power Posture?

Imagine that you are in a meeting and the CEO is in attendance.  As soon as they walk into the room, it isn’t their voice that commands the room, instead it is the way that they are standing.  The power posture is essentially a particular form of body language that is incredibly useful to get the James Bond confidence that you have always been looking for.  It is useful for both business applications and it is also beneficial for your personal life to help become the alpha.  Understanding how to use your power posture is a great way to refine your self-confidence and to harness self-improvement.

The Power of Body Language

Throughout time, body language has been used by a variety of different civilizations and people in different standings.  There is an insurmountable amount of evidence proving that body language can be a definitive factor in regards to social interactions and how people perceive you.  First impressions are everything and it is your responsibility to make sure that whoever you meet can tell that you have a reasonable amount of self-confidence.

Body language is not only analyzed by professionals, but you would be surprised at how many simple interactions revolve around the way that you hold yourself.  As an example, if you are at the bar and are interested in the person sitting next to you, your body language would show that.  Whereas if you’re in an uncomfortable social situation, you may notice that you back away from the person, cross your arms across your chest and slouch over.  Body language is incredibly important for a numerous amount of reasons.

Animals and Humans

One thing to consider when you’re looking into boosting your self-confidence is how animals interact with one another.  It is common knowledge that many animals and humans express their emotions through their bodies.  If you see a human or animal essentially sink into themselves it’s because they’re unsure of themselves.  When an animal or human is happy or elated, they are generally sprawled out and standing as high as possible.  By simply analyzing how animals and humans act during their different emotional states, you will be able to determine what your power posture is.

The Cuddy/Carney Experiment

Two researchers decided to delve into the idea of power posture and how it can affect the decisions that people make and how they react in certain situations (  The experiment surely showed interesting results, so interesting that many people decided to take chances that they otherwise never would have.

The experiment essentially took one group of people and had half of the people pose using power postures and the other half were posing using low-power postures.  The groups were then asked if they wanted to gamble.  Over 86% of the people standing in the power postures decided to gamble, whereas only 60% of the people in low-power postures chose to gamble.

Alongside the decision making process, the participants in power poses had an increase of 8% in their levels of testosterone and those in a low-power posture had a 10% decrease in testosterone.  In terms of cortisol, a hormone secreted when in stressful situations, the people in low-power postures had a 15% increase in secreted cortisol and those in the power postures had a 25% decrease in levels of cortisol.

Appearing and Being

When you have established your power pose, you will not only appear to have an ample amount of self-confidence, but you will simply be more confident in yourself.  It is rather rare to find different methods to help increase your overall confidence that help you to both become something and appear to be the same thing.  People will see you as someone who has spent a lot of time on self-improvement and even an individual with James Bond confidence.  On the inside, you will also feel far better about yourself and the better you feel, the better choices you will make.

Imagine having the opportunity to take advantage of your self-confidence to further your career and your personal life.  It is well-known that confidence is the key to success and being able to harness confidence simply by standing in a specific way will prove to be quite advantageous for you and everything in your lifetime.