Connected Like James Bond

Never Work Alone

Bond, Q and the Q branch

Bond, Q and the Q branch

James Bond always seemed to have everything figured out every time something goes awry. No matter what the situation, he always seemed to have the right tools, the right vehicle, the right weapons … did you ever think about how he managed all of that?

No matter how good James Bond is, he isn’t that awesome. He has a collective group of people behind the scenes helping him out. Does that make him less of a man? Not at all! In fact, it makes him more of a man because he was able to admit he needed help.

James Bond never lacks swagger and confidence and that can be traced back to his connections. He knows that when he reaches his limit, someone in his network of experts would be able to help him out.

Felix Leiter and James Bond -Quantum of Solace

Felix Leiter and James Bond -Quantum of Solace

Networking Like James Bond

Real men can truly access their weaknesses and then figure out what they need to do to correct them.

It is time to get real with yourself. You need to take a step back and figure out where you are weak. Hey, it wouldn't be self-improvement without asking the right questions.

  • Are you weak in a certain area?
  • Do you struggle with certain concepts?
  • Are you great in other (be careful on this one)?

Once you have this figured out, you need to find experts in the areas where you are weak. You see, the more experts you have around you, the better your life can become.

 There is a statement that is used pretty frequently that says, “To achieve success, you must first be around successful people”. What this is saying is that you must first know what success looks like and then you must emulate it. James Bond is great at this. In fact, he is constantly getting better at managing himself in situations, adjusting faster without the need of his team as time goes on. Of course, he never leaves his team of experts in the rear view either (he always hold onto them).

 Convert Your Enemies Into Allies

A great man can turn enemies into allies. Sometimes this is done through no effort of your own whereas other times it is through negotiations and other tactics. James Bond did just this is Golden Eye after Valentin Dmitrovitch Zukovsky ended up helping him out, even though James Bond shot Valentin in the leg when he was a member of the KGB. Bond used Valentin’s greed to make him an ally. At times, you will have to use the exact same tactic.

The fact is, everyone has a price. So, when dealing with an enemy, make sure you know their price and use it to leverage them properly. James Bond was a master of leverage. Another reason James Bond was great at using his enemies is he always understood that they might be using him. In that, he maintained a working relationship with them, but he did not let them compromise him. There is another saying that states, “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”. Effectively, this means that you should know more about your enemy than your friends.

Do you think Bond knew more about his enemies than his friends? You can bet he did … and what he didn’t know, his great security network surely did.

 Don’t Limit Yourself To Your Own Network

 At times, you will find someone else who has determined that they have a weakness. They may come to you in an attempt to bring you into their network. Do not become some closed minded that you are unwilling to help them out.

Even though they might appear to be “useless” or a “drag”, they might be able to help you out later whenever you encounter a new situation that you don’t understand. Always remember to use every available resource to make yourself better. That is why James Bond’s network never got smaller, it only got bigger.

Bond understands that the more network friends he has, the more resources available to him whenever he needs something. 

So, now you can see that having a strong network of friends, co-workers and even enemies can help make you a better man. As long as you can admit your weaknesses, build a quality network of friends (and enemies) and maintain your relationships beyond your own network, you can become a man as revered as James Bond.