Defuse Any Situation Using James Bond's Witty Humor

James Bond is a master of many arts. He could drive better than some F1 Racers, can charm anyone in the room with his words. Sometimes, he uses humor to charm them, other times he used wit to defuse sticky situations. With that said, you can really change your life if you learn how to use humor and wit like James Bond and we are going to help you do just that.

Stay Away From Long Jokes

James Bond isn't a man of many words; most of his conversations are short and brief. In fact, he pretty much gets to the point as fast as possible. (A quality you also should follow) That being said, a long joke takes too much time to process and sometimes they fall flat on their face. So, the first point to follow is to keep the jokes short. Another reason to keep the jokes short, if they did fall flat for some reason, they were quick and probably went unnoticed by most leaving your swagger intact.

Dry Humor Can Work, At The Right Moment

You know we have all met the one guy who always has a dry, pointed joke ready at the helm. At times, these jokes can work and James Bond surely is the master. For instance, in picture Thunderball, James Bond makes the statement “She’s just dead” in reference to a woman that is actually dead. Of course, under normal circumstances this would be considered crass, but for many this can actually draw up some giggles (mission accomplished).

Don’t Repeat Old Jokes

Another reason James Bond is a pure master of humor and wit is that he never revisits old jokes and one liners. Sure, we know we have one of the best jokes around but we don’t want to waste it. Of course, you can use them once or twice, but once they are out, they are out and you can’t pull them back into your arsenal. Remember, James Bond is a leader, not a follower. Imagine if someone had already heard the joke you are throwing out because one of your past acquaintances already blurted it out … there goes some of your swag out the window.

The truth is, James Bond will leave forever in infamy for many things, but humor and wit has to top the list. He always has a quick quip perfect for the situation. Maybe that means you have to plan a little bit in advance; if so, takes some time to figure out some nice one liners. Never give them out, hold them close to your vest. To maintain your swagger, you have to stay ahead of everyone else. That is what makes the character a master … he keeps everything close to his vest (just like his women).