Fighting Like Bond

A James Bond lifestyle has a few various elements. But no one can deny that one of those elements includes fighting for what is right. By learning to fight for yourself, you can start some serious self-improvement. In this article, we will look at what learning to fight like Bond means. We will also look at some things to train in and work on. We will also look at the reasons that Bond may use his fighting skills.

Lots of Training

One of the best self-improvement benefits of learning to fight like Bond is that you will be training, often. Training for a skill or sport, whether martial arts or running marathons, takes lots of self-control. Self-control is really a skill that must be learned, not one that comes naturally. A good sense of discipline and personal responsibility can also come by having a regular workout regimen. Not only that, but you may also find that it is easier for you to relax, and also easier for you to sleep at night. All these are great benefits to living a James Bond lifestyle in real life.

Protecting Others

Self-discipline is not the only reason you should learn to fight like Bond. You can also learn other important self-improvement lessons: selflessness, compassion, and sacrifice. Part of a James Bond lifestyle is always fighting for right. Often, fighting for the good guys means you must protect others. Remember that Bond does not often provoke the fights. Instead, he often gets trapped into them. You should learn when others need your help, and how you can protect them. By learning to fight like Bond, you can do just that. You can also learn just how important helping others can truly be.


Self-defense is yet another reason to learn to fight like Bond. No matter what sort of skills Bond happens to be employing, from martial arts to gunplay, Bond knows how to protect himself. Protecting yourself can be very important, especially if you plan on being around to protect others. A James Bond lifestyle is not just about self-defense as a weapon, but just being able to stand up for yourself. You want to be able to stand your ground, no matter what situation you face. On some occasions, fighting will allow you to do that.

Keeping Fit

When we think self-improvement, we often think about keeping fit. Bond, obviously, believes that keeping fit is important, as well. When you teach yourself to fight as part of living a James Bond lifestyle, you can also work on your fitness. Training to fight can be a serious workout. Just ask the thousands who are engaged in regular fighting classes as part of their fitness regimen. Remember to take time out from training to do cardio and strength training work, as well, if needed. Doing so will help with your overall fitness, and, in turn, any fighting skills.

Watch Your Diet

Ever tried to work out or train after a heavy meal? It’s difficult, isn’t it? This is because heavy fats and foods can make us tired, and slow to react. Keep light on your feet for fighting and training by improving your diet. A varied and balanced diet has to be part of daily life for any serious follower of the James Bond lifestyle. Cut out unhealthy fats. Instead, opt for lean proteins from seafood, plants, and poultry. Cut the amount of salt, sugar, and processed foods in your diet. Purchase whole grains, instead. You can even lose weight in this way!


Hand to Hand Combat

What sorts of training can help you in the self-improvement department and also teach you to fight like Bond? Start off learning hand to hand combat. Hand to hand combat can allow you to quickly disarm and defend against any assailant. Try to learn various martial arts tactics. You can also learn military close combat tactics, like Kapap, Unifight, and Sanshou. Remember that training for this sort of combat will, as mentioned above, take lots of self-discipline. Keep it up, though, and in no time you will improve your fitness, as well as your fighting skills.


Another great self-improvement fitness choice you can make to train while living a James Bond lifestyle is to train in boxing. Boxing is a great cardio workout. Many boxers supplement their boxing training with strength training, as well. Both of these elements are very important in any great workout plan. It can also be used as another close combat fighting style to protect yourself, as well as others. Boxing can be done with a sparring partner, or with the use of various equipment while training alone. Certain gyms often cater to boxers. See if there is one of these in your local area.