James Bond A Role Model? Or Just A Lucky Jerk?

Can living a James Bond lifestyle change your life? Or is he just a conniving, violent, lucky jerk? In this article, we will discuss whether James Bond is a good role model or not. We will take a look at the other side of the argument, then at both the good and bad qualities James Bond has. You may just be surprised by what we think a James Bond lifestyle is all about, and how he can be a good role model for all.

What the Other Side Sees

Many argue that James Bond is not that great of a guy. Sure, they may say, a James Bond lifestyle would be fun, but also dangerous. After all, Bond does play the role of a spy. Spies, as well all know, are putting their lives on the line on a daily basis. They face violence, espionage, and deception. Others may also argue that when it comes to viewing James Bond as a role model, his treatment of the opposite sex is less than to be desired.

The Reality

But does a James Bond lifestyle have to be about all those things? No! When you serve as a role model, people tend to emulate only your best habits. A James Bone lifestyle is actually full of good habits. Most of us are not spies, which is a given. We do not face the daily threat of violence the Bond does. When it comes to his treatment of women, it may seem cruel in hindsight, but, really, only depicted attitudes toward women at the time. Most Bond girls are young, beautiful, and perfectly capable. And Bond is not that bad of a guy, in reality.


One way in which James Bond serves as a good role model is his suavity. When you live a James Bond lifestyle, you must know how to talk smooth, behave nicely in some situations, and show true restraint in others. Bond, as a role model, is never too quick to act. Instead, he is always confident in his actions. This confidence and suavity shines through, whether he is on a mission, or relaxing in a casino. Sadly, this is one aspect of the James Bond lifestyle that cannot be bought. You can work on it, though. Your outward attitude and reactions in certain situations can be changed.

Technical Know-How

Let’s face it: James Bond is a gadgets guy. Part of what makes him such a great role model is his technical knowledge. When it comes to knowing about cars, guns, or even drinks, he knows his stuff. Again, although you cannot buy this part of a James Bond lifestyle, you can certainly work on it. Becoming more well read, understanding the world around you, and finding the things you are passionate about can help. James Bond shows us that we can be the best and most knowledgeable in whatever we do, with just a bit of practice.

A Thirst for Fitness

Bond always looks great. Not only is this because of his slick outward appearance (a facet we will talk more about in a moment), but also because of how in shape he is. Women swoon, partly because Bond is always in shape. We could all learn from this aspect of the true James Bond lifestyle. Let James Bond serve as your role model for hitting the gym. Or, you could become more involved in organized sports activities. Either way, some great workout gear, gadgets, and equipment can help a lot. As can a balanced, healthy diet along with some easy lifestyle modifications.

Worldly Knowledge

James Bond knows more than just about his gadgets. He also knows a lot about the world around him. This is yet another way that James Bond serves as a fabulous role model. The James Bond lifestyle cannot truly be accomplished until you know just as much about the world around you. A great place to start is by getting to know more about Bond himself. Then, branch out into other areas Bond knows so well. This includes politics, women, food, gadgets, cars, guns, drinks, games of chance, and so much more.


Ever notice how fabulous James Bond looks? A great outward appearance is a must for those striving to live a James Bond lifestyle. James Bond serves as a fantastic fashion role model. He shows men just how important a good suit can be. He also often shows us the importance that outward appearance has in first impressions. When you look good, you feel good about yourself. That confidence will shine through, just as it does for Bond. Whether you are wearing out a finely tailored suit or tuxedo, or just a great pair of jeans and new leather jacket, others will take note.