Honing Your Body Language And Reading Your Opponents In Texas Hold'em


Among the many things Texas Hold'em holds, there is a great number of people that are comfortable enough in the sport, that they have won numerous championships. Now, whether this is from skill or supreme luck, or a combination of the two is benign, as all champions have one trait in common: they are able to read the opponents they are matching with. This comes with experience, the ability to read your opponent’s “leaks” and telegraphed moves, but their is some tips that even hobby poker players can learn from. Reading body language is a great asset in Texas Hold'em, as is keeping your body language disclosed to the rest of the table. While there's start up tips available, you won't see the full progress until you learn from the master himself: Joe Navarro.

Who Is Joe Navarro?

Joe Navarro is a former FBI agent who has received critical insight for his brilliant approaches to success with non verbal commands, or body language. After his 25 year stint in the FBI, Joe continued working with agents for behavioral analyst campaigns, but he is mostly known for his work in poker fields, by creating a new system in foretelling opponent’s body language. What he has written about, as well as what he has pressed in speeches, truly showcases how much of an asset he is for seasoned and rookie poker players alike.

What Does He Tell? (Reading Language)

According to the Navarro Poker website, Navarro has had a wealth of clients who have used his ways of reading body language, and they have benefited enormously! Often called leaks or “tells”, these are terms that define a player’s move or concept of the game that unwillingly alerts the other player’s to their strategy. A common example is somebody out of the blue going all in, guaranteeing the knowledge to the rest of the table that they have a good hand. Joe Navarro expands on these concepts, by using his wealth of knowledge not only from FBI tenure, but also from his Bachelor Of Science merit. Navarro is like the wiz kid of poker, as he is able to talk to new and old players alike, and is able to give them pointers in looking at tell-tale signs of even the most recognized of champions. Through Navarros teachings, you will be able to let poker be more skill based than luck based, even if you think otherwise. Navarro will transform you into a better poker player in no time!

What Does He Tell (Retracting Body Language)

Navarro isn't only a good offensive asset, as he also helps out in defensive standards in poker. While he is able to teach you ways to read your opponent’s moves, he is also able to give options so you can retract your own body language to your opponents. This way, your cards and moves aren't guessed before you do them, which is a wonderful and great asset that is available in poker. With his numerous contributions to written works and studies, Joe Navarro is a brilliant contributor to poker strategies, and what's awesome of his character, is that he has dozens of free tips that are available to casual players of Texas Hold'em.

Further Information

Like most things, some of Navarro’s teachings do require some purchase, whether they are books, videos, or a combination of the two. His novel “200 Poker Tells” is a great book to get a general grasp on why Navarro has brought great tips, as well as many successes, to those struggling to win hands in Texas Hold'em. Navarro is best known for his other novel, however, published in 2006 that was helped by Professor Marvin Karlins and poker pro Phil Hellmuth. This book is entitled “Read Em And Reap: A Career FBI Agent’s Guide To Decoding Poker Tells”. This book not only focuses on body language, but also on other aspects of individual players and their opponents. What's so powerful of both these novels is Navarro’s ability (with due credit to co authors) to explain these methods, that are actually backed by scientific fact and reasoning. Navarro is successful in the aspect that he is not blindly making these things up, but more is he pulling from his own knowledge, facts he has rooted together, and personal experiences that he can reflect in poker games. This book is targeted towards new players and veterans of poker alike, so it is bound to find its appeal to most of the poker audience. In this book Texas Holdem is explained, with its properties in detail, as well as numerous other poker games that are also are expanded on. Both Navarro’s books are cheap for what they offer, as they can be found online for under 15 bucks a piece. It is vital, as well as important, that poker players give Navarro’s teachings a look, as he has very valuable knowledge on the subject.