Hot Weather Sports Stay In Shape!

Just because the heat is turned up it does not mean that you can not get your exercising in. As a matter of fact there is no better way to get exercise than to do it in the water. Water sports are a great way to get in shape and stay in shape.

Some water sports can require you to use muscles you may not even realize that you have. The idea is to challenge your body and to have fun at the same time. Take a look at the list below.


Have you ever surfed before? While you do not have to be in top physical condition to surf it will help you to get into top physical condition. Any activity in the water puts a little extra resistance on your muscles with the added bonus of not really feeling the work out aspect until you are out of the water.

Surfing is a great way to get in shape and stay that way. If you live near the ocean and have yet to take the plunge why not hit the surf this summer?

Surfing helps to work your core. Balance is an important aspect of surfing successfully and balance requires that you put in the work to keep your body up right which works your core or midsection.

Surfing always gives you a nice workout for your thighs. It is an all around fun time that can help you stay in shape.

Riding the Wave Runner

Riding a wave runner (whether at the beach or on the lake) is an excellent way to stay in shape. You have to use upper body strength to control the wave runner while you it is not like a gym work out it does require that you use your upper body muscles to hang on so it is a good work out and it is good for people that have trouble with other activities on the water because of injury or joint pain.


Swimming is simply one of the best exercising options there is. The water is a great equalizer  so while you may not be able to run marathons because of joint issues you may very well be able to swim laps without blinking an eye.

Swimming is a good workout for the entire body from head to toe. It elongates the muscles and builds muscle along the entire span of the body because you are using every muscle in the body when you swim.

It is a great way to burn calories and to build stamina. Swimming is a great activity year round but of course a great recreation in the summer. You can swim in pools, the ocean, lakes or rivers and get the same results.

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing is another great way to stay in shape during the summer. The best part about getting your exercise in while you are having summer fun is that you do not have to miss out on any of the fun.

Jet Skiing is the great way to tone up the legs, back, arms, chest and back. It requires balance which also helps to improve the strength of your core. Jet Skiing is a great way to get an all around work out AND have a great time doing it.


While the summer heat may be too brutal for a run you can always take advantage of the early morning or late evening hours and get a brisk walk in or even do a little running. Walking/running/jogging are excellent ways to get in shape and stay in shape.

If you plan your day effectively you can walk before the heat of the day sets in or after the sun has settled down a little bit.  Hiking through state or national parks is always a fun summer activity that can keep you out of the heat. Typically hiking trails for state and national parks are through wooded areas where it can be up to ten degrees cooler.  Give it a go!

Tennis/Handball/Raquet Ball

Tennis/handball and raquet ball are fun summer time sports that you can use to stay in shape. Raquet ball has the advantage of typically being played indoors which can get you out of the heat outside but still give you a great time and keep you in shape.

If you get outdoors early enough the heat will be a non issue.

You Always Have the Gym

When it gets too hot and you need to get some exercise in you can hit the gym. While it does require that you give up some outdoor time it may be a necessity on the days that you can not participate in the fun stuff.

Gyms are ideal in the summer because they are climate controlled.