How To Choose a Summer Vacation Like Bond

Summer is here! It is one of the most exciting times of year. Time for some summer fun and romance. If you are trying to live life to the fullest in James Bond style than giving your summer vacation some special attention is an absolute necessity.

We all know that a Bond like vacation has to be some place that is exciting, adventurous with just the right amount of luxury. Planning the perfect vacation can be done even with the most limited budget.



First make sure you have your passport in good standing because you will need to leave your comfort zone to find the right balance for your Bond inspired vacation. Make sure you plan in advance and get your immunizations in order.

Once you get the business of travel out of the way now comes the planning stages.

All Inclusive

Learn the term all inclusive and consider it a viable option. Bond after all never worries about expense while he is on holiday why should you. All inclusive options allow you to pay one price for your vacation and take advantage of all the amenities that a resort has to offer.

Most all the cruise lines offer all inclusive options. You pay for the room and all of the ships activities come with the cost of the room as do all the meals.

All Inclusive Cruises

Cruises are very Bondesque because they are seeped in luxury.

Taking a cruise can get you to exotic locations for a fraction of the cost of other travel means. Cruises also offer a great way to spend the journey getting there. You can of course veer off the beaten path once you get to your destination and take on some of your own adventurous excitement.

You can cruise to south America and spend some time in Costa Rica surfing, sailing, paragliding and deep sea fishing. You can arrange for a one way cruise ship ticket and fly back to your port of origin.

There are some very high end cruises that really are seeped in luxury so you can feed both your adventurer side and your need for high end traveling by taking a cruise ship. The best part of the cruise line option is that it can be cost savings without feeling like it is cost savings.

You can eat some of the best food dining in a floating five star restaurant, dress for dinner every night, see great shows and maybe even meet someone for a little ship side romance.

Other Options


A  James Bond worthy experience is located in the Maldives. While the Huvafen Fushi located within a stones throw of the Indian Ocean does not offer raucous adventure sports they do offer an amazing undersea spa! It is something you will never forget seeing. This beautiful resort is simply amazing. The underwater part of the resort has giant glass walls that give you an amazing experience. You actually feel like you are in the fish tank looking out into an unreal world of sea creatures.  All of the over the water villas are simply breathtaking.

Bedford England is a must see for any Bond lover. Bedford England (Quantum of Solace) is the location where Bond has to jump out of the plane and share a single parachute with his love interest. Want to reenact the scene and do a little sky diving. Bodyflight is the exact place that the scene was filmed in the wind tunnel. You can do a little Bond parachuting for about $70 US.

Miami is another must visit stop for any Bond lover. The Fountainbleau Miami is the famed hotel scenes from the Bond classic Gold Finger were shot. The hotel/spa has recently undergone a huge redo so it is more elegant than ever. While in Miami you can do a little sky diving, paragliding, wave running, surfing and so much more!

Ocho Rios Jamaica, Dunns River Falls (Dr. No) is an extreme outdoors persons dream. The famed falls are about 650 feet high. The tours are composed of human chains climbing the rocks to the top of the falls and spending some time splashing around but if that is too laid back for you than you can opt for the extreme rapids trips. The falls are about 3 miles from the resorts and nightlife.

Thailand (Man with the Golden Gun). Thailand Ko Tapu is an adventurers paradise. This steamy paradise offers exotic dining, extreme adventures and generally a very Bond like atmosphere.  The island has been nicknamed by locals as James Bond island.

Istanbul Turkey is another favorite James Bond haunt (From Russia With Love). This historic city offers ancient art and culture. It is a mystical city that affords anyone that is interested an adventure of a life time.