Expand your comfort zone

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone
— Neale Donald Walsh

Have you felt like you are in a rut, lately? Doing the same thing? Always feeling just fine with the way things are? We are here to tell you that one of the most important parts of self-improvement includes pushing yourself. If you are doing your best to build your self-confidence and feel just ho-hum all the time, you are most likely not doing it right. Believe it or not, this step is crucial in building that James Bond confidence that we all long for. In this article, we will tell you just what the comfort zone is, how to escape it, and why doing so is very important.

When You Are In Your Comfort Zone

A lot of the self-improvement tips we have already suggested here (mixing up your look, pushing yourself mentally and physically, etc.) probably have already taken you out of your comfort zone. But, if not, it is certainly time to take that extra step to boost your self-confidence. Most likely, when you are in your comfort zone, you do not even notice it. Your anxiety levels are way down. But the moment you step outside those well-defined boundaries of self, you can bet you will know it. Instantly.

When You Are Not

According to scientific studies, getting “out of your comfort zone,” most likely means you instantly feel anxious. This is totally normal. It does not mean it is time to give up. Instead, you are about to journey, headlong, into something that will be life changing. But research also shows us that getting your anxiety levels up a bit is not the only thing a bit of anxiety does. It can also help you to perform better. You will learn new things and retain them easier. Your self-confidence, abilities, and more will soar when you are just outside your comfort zone.

Challenging Yourself

Challenging yourself is a daily part of the life of an international spy. Whether it comes to pushing yourself to wear that new outfit, or go just a bit longer in the gym, all of these things can help build James Bond confidence. You, too, should seek out daily challenges as part of your journey to self-improvement. Just know that there is a difference between getting out of your comfort zone and reaching a panic level of anxiety. The sweet spot is somewhere in the middle. It is a place that you must find for yourself. Once you do, do your best to reach that spot at least once, daily.

Making the Man

Getting you out of your comfort zone is part of the whole package, here. Ever notice that there are plenty of times when James Bond seems a bit less than at east with the situation? But, somehow, he manages to make it right in the end. This only happens when you push yourself each day. Then, when you find yourself in those situations, you can rely on your James Bond confidence to help you out. Seeming to stay cool in situations where you may otherwise may be a bit freaked out is one way to seem confident, intelligent, and level headed. All of these things are certainly descriptors you could use when talking about Bond. They should also be ones that people can use to describe you.

Ideas to Get You Out of Your Comfort Zone

There are plenty of ways you can boost self-confidence by getting out of your comfort zone. Here are just a few ideas that you can try anytime you are ready. Opt for ones that do not seem very much like you and go from there:

  • Volunteering with local organizations;
  • Talking to groups and/or people in public you would not normally approach;
  • Voicing your opinion in a situation where you normally would not;
  • Do things that would otherwise scare you a bit, but are totally safe;
  • Learn to love not knowing what will happen next;
  • Try to deviate from your schedule every once in a while;
  • Don’t always take the planned or usual route to work or the store. Try something new.
  • Go to a new place you have never been before.

Another Step in the Path to James Bond Confidence

Just remember that this part of self-improvement is just one step in the long journey to making yourself into the person you always wanted to be. As we have mentioned many times before, you should also think about boosting your self-confidence in other ways. Shake up your personal style. Aim to always look great. Try to improve your diet. Become more physically active. Stick up for yourself (and others) when needed. Do your best to expand your mind and knowledge of the world around you. Learn more about gadgets and technology and use ones that would benefit you.