Interested in Water Skiing?

James Bond is renowned for his adoration for the water and with that being said, he is also known for the ample amount of water activities that he does throughout the Bond movies.  If you are looking for the best way to emulate James Bond and to receive a great physical workout simultaneously, consider the benefits associated with paraskiing and water skiing.  Below is a list of the best places to travel for water skiing and paraskiing and what the two water sports actually are.

What is Water Skiing?

Water skiing is one of the most popular water sports as it can be enjoyed in a variety of different locations including rivers, lakes, and oceans.  When an individual goes water skiing, they are attached to a powerboat via a special rope known as a ski rope.  The powerboat then accelerates to a safe speed to where the skier is able to ride on the top of the water while being attached on double skis or a single ski.  Depending on your level of experience, you can use either double or single.

Unlike traditional snow skis, water skis are made out of rubber.  They are similar to traditional skis in the fact that they have bindings to help keep the skiers feet in place.  While using a single ski, the participant will have 2 bindings to put their feet in, whereas double skis have one binding per ski.  Unlike snowboarding or skateboarding, single skis for water skiing keep your feet facing forward with one foot directly behind the other foot.

Places to Go Water Skiing and Wakeboarding

Unlike the majority of other water sports, paraskiing and water skiing can be done relatively anywhere in the world.  With that being said, there are a variety of locations that are seen as the most popular for people looking to participate in extreme sports.

Wisconsin, United States of America

You may be wondering why Wisconsin is one of the best places to go water skiing and the answer is because of their sheer amount of lakes.  Wisconsin is home to 15,000 different lakes that you can both water ski on, plus, they also have their own water ski teams.

Costa Rica


For those who are looking for a vacation and the ability to participate in exhilarating sports simultaneously, Costa Rica offers an abundance of locations for both water skiing.  With their breathtaking landscapes, you will definitely be able to go on your very own adventure with the assistance of certified instructors and boating staff.


As one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world, Greece offers a variety of different water sport activities to visitors and residents.  With the ability to water ski through the beautiful turquoise waters, what could be better?  Plus, there are a variety of different water ski companies that offer free tows to tourists.

Orlando, Florida, United States of America

For anyone who is looking for any type of watersports, Orlando is one of the most obvious locations.  Located in the Southern United States, Florida is home to some of the most beautiful waters in the country.  There is literally a watersport available for every type of person, whether you want to water ski or paraski, the options are endless.  If you’re looking for a great place to learn from professional riders, consider visiting Orlando, Florida.

Water skiing and paraskiing are two activities that are not only fun, but are great for your body.  Why not take advantage of these two activities during your next vacation?