James Bond and the Sea

James Bond, the man that almost every man in the world aspires to be, is renowned for his love for the sea.  Whether it be via speedboat or even relaxing during his off time, Bond is constantly around bodies of water.  This has left some people to question whether there is a specific reason as to why there is a relationship between James Bond and the sea.  Little do they know that the relationship really lies within Ian Fleming, the author and creator of James Bond and the Bond series.  Below we will delve into what the sea really means to Bond and Fleming alike.

Fleming, Bond, and the Navy

One of the main reasons as to why James Bond has such an adoration for the sea is due to the fact that he was known as a secret agent in MI6 and was a Royal Navy Reserve commander.  Considering that the Navy is renowned for protecting the open waters, he undoubtedly has a spot in his heart for the ocean.  In relation to the creator of the Bond series, Ian Fleming was a Royal Navy Commander who worked for British Naval Intelligence.  His experience and knowledge from his work is what provided him with the inspiration to begin the bond series and to create Bond himself.  After his work during World War II, Fleming created the 12 Bond novels and 2 collections of short stories.

A View To A Kill, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, and You Only Live Twice

If you pay close attention throughout the Bond series, you will notice that he is referred to as a Commander in the Royal Navy prior to beginning his work with the British Secret Service.  This title is mentioned more specifically in A View To A Kill, Tomorrow Never Dies, and in GoldenEye.  Also, during The Spy Who Loved Me he adorns a naval uniform with a variety of insignias designated only to Commanders in the Navy while visiting the American submarine.  In You Only Live Twice, you can notice the largest relationship between Bond and the Sea.  When he fakes his death, James Bond is laid to rest in a ceremony that resembles a Navy burial at sea, thus proving his status and rank in the Navy.

Daniel Craig and the Sea

In terms of more recent Bond movies, Daniel Craig received his fame as the new Bond in a scene that had a lot to do with the sea.  The defining moment when he debuted out of the water in swimming trunks in Casino Royale is one of the most famous Bond moments in history.  So famous that dozens of companies held competitions to see who could re-enact this famous moment.  Although the scene was an accident, it was a memorable moment that will be remembered the most out of the majority of Bond movies.  Not only did his help to turn Daniel Craig into an international sex symbol, it also showed an interesting relationship between James Bond and the sea.

The Lotus Esprit S1

During the 1977 film, The Spy Who Loved Me, the Lotus Esprit S1 made its first appearance not only as an interesting Bond car, but as a Bond car with unique features.  Unlike the majority of Bond cars that are known for their sleek appeal and luxurious nature, the Lotus Esprit S1 is known for the fact that it could convert into a submarine.  The car was equipped with wheels that could turn into essential fins, allowing Bond to ride in his vehicle underwater.  There were also a variety of weapons attached to the car providing him with the ability to use defenses under water.  This is another interesting relationship between Bond and the sea as he was able to have a custom made car specifically designed for travelling underwater.

Water Related Products and Locations

With the ample amount of interest surrounding James Bond and his love for the sea, many different products and locations have become extremely popular for Bond fans around the world.  Whether people decide to take a vacation to James Bond Island or to purchase OMEGA watches that are water resistant and worn by Bond in more recent movies, the options are endless.  There are even companies offering specific water-based tours and activities to individuals interested in participating in Bond style activities.

James Bond has and will always be one of the most influential fictional characters in the entire world.  With his development via the imagination and experience of Ian Fleming, Bond has influenced a variety of different aspects of today’s society.  With the ample amount of connections between Bond and the sea, it is quite obvious that his naval intelligence background was a large part of how he took down the villains and saved the damsels in distress.