James Bond: More Than A Character

Most everyone knows that James Bond was a fictional character contrived by Ian Fleming in 1953. Even so, he was a man admired by men and women alike. James Bond is a respected man, a man with confidence, character, integrity, style, charisma and swagger. Even so, he transcended beyond only being an actor; he transformed into a man that men revered, that men looked up to, that men wanted to be. Even today, men still aspire to be like James Bond, not literally, but Bond like.

An Inspiration To Men

There aren’t many men in the world that men wants to follow. That’s because there just aren’t many true leaders to follow. Sure, some men are vigilant for their beliefs and others have a large following, but they aren’t men who are emulated. While Malcolm X was vigilant for his beliefs, you don’t see many people attempting to recreate who he was or his style. However, with James Bond, you do have people who are trying to recreate or emulate the Bond lifestyle.

The Bond lifestyle inspired men, it gave them a glimpse of a better life; a life full of confidence and swagger. Of course this lifestyle is achievable and many men work diligently to recreate the Bond life each day. A man can become an inspiration in many ways. Bond inspired men through his:

  •  Ability to lead others
  • Ability to overcome difficult situations
  • Knowledge of himself, his weaknesses and his strengths
  • Diverse knowledge of people and cultures
  • Ability to befriend even his own enemies
  • Ability to woo any women he meet

Of course Bond inspires men through much more than this, those just happen to be some strong points that makes Bond the man’s man, the Template Of A Lifestyle.

James Bond A Model Man Of The 60’s, And Still Today                        

James Bond pictures the perfect man of the 60’s. He is an inspiration to all men, a glimpse of what they could have if they had the same confidence, style and swagger that he does. Of course, James Bond transcends time and is still a model to the contemporary man. 

James Bond paved a way for men, a way where they could confidently walk into a room as though they owned it. He recreated style and showed men how it should be done. James Bond, a fictional character, changed real life in a way no one else could. That is why James Bond is the perfect man … a man that has inspired men since his stories hit the shelves and still does today.