What does it mean to Leverage Your Professional Network?

Ever notice how James bond seems to be surrounded with great intelligence, fantastic gear, and good friends? There is no doubt that leveraging your professional network is a large part of the James Bond lifestyle. In this article, we will look at how leveraging connections helped out James Bond. We will also give you lots of tips about how you can use your own leverage in professional situations.

Behind the Great Man…

We have talked before about how self-improvement is a part of the James Bond lifestyle. But what we have not talked about is what a vast network Bond relies on. To be a suave, sophisticated, worldly man, one must make connections where one can find them. Bond has, over the years, connected with scientists, other assassins, spies, his boss, and many more. We can safely say that many of these professional alliances have helped him in one way or another over the years. This is why we say that behind the great man lies even greater networking skills.

What Can Connections Help Us Achieve?

Beyond professional self-improvement, what can connections help us to achieve? Bond uses them to get the latest technology, the best intelligence on targets, and the scoop on both his enemies and his friends. Once we decide to live the true James Bond lifestyle and build upon professional connections that we have made, you may be surprised at what comes your way. You can find jobs, ways to improve yourself, answers to your questions, helpful relationships, information about your local area, and much more. Best of all, you can get all these things for free, just because you know who you know.


So where does this area of self-improvement start? First, begin by evaluating yourself. What areas would you consider your weaknesses? Where do you wish you were better? Is there anything that you wish you knew more about? Once you have made a list, decide where, when, and how you can connect with others who could help you in these areas. Think about the strengths of your coworkers, supervisors, managers, and more. Then, when you have issues in these areas, feel free to ask them. Even if they do not know the answer, they can perhaps point you in the right direction.

Making Connections

James Bond is a master of leverage, in part, because he is not afraid to make connections. To find the knowledge and expertise that you need to know, you must get out and ask others. Try to always make connections when you are in professional settings. This can include in the office, at meetings, conferences, via email, and even in everyday phone calls. As you try to make these connections, be sure to let others know your contact information. Also be sure that you keep-up a professional appearance and manner throughout the interaction.

Avoid Limitations

A James Bond lifestyle knows no limitations. Neither should your connections. Especially not when you are looking for others that can help you with professional self-improvement. Be sure to never discount someone. Learn that it is important that you make friends with those who are your enemies as often as you buddy up to those who are your pals. Going into this with an open and accepting mind can help you .