Finding a fighting style


A field operative’s life is fraught with danger. One has to be prepared to react quickly to any situation, even life threatening ones, which might arise. Training is the essence of preparation and knowledge of hand-to-hand combat is mandatory.

Nearly every culture has developed its own martial arts style or some homegrown variations. Since we have no time for hour long tea ceremonies and thus in the interest of expediency, Super Spy Me broke away from traditional dojo style approaches and developed a program that is tight and effective, selecting hand to hand combat techniques that are street ready, quick to learn and potentially life saving.

The result is an amalgam of a few well-known styles and several somewhat obscure ones based on the following four primary criterions:

  • Simplicity: The system / techniques should be intuitive.
  • Efficiency: A minimum of strikes / defence moves should neutralize any threat
  • Speed: Both the learning curve and progression should be quick

I initiated training in both Systema, a Russian Marital art, and Krav Maga the Israeli fighting system. Both styles are used by the elite special forces of their respective country and respect the 3 criterions of selection.  

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