Navigate a Fast Getaway on Water

No adventure on the high seas is complete without a sexy speed or powerboat to get to your water destination in style.  For a true James Bond adventure, not only do you need a boat with enough horsepower to track down the bad guys, but you also need somewhere to have a little privacy with the newest Bond girl.  These high powered boats will help get to where you are going with style.

 A Speedy Apartment

The Magnum Marine 44 Banzai will get you where you need to be in a hurry, but if you need a nap, you can go below and do so in comfort.  This speedboat has a top speed of 55 miles per hour with a fuel capacity of 400 gallons for the twin 800 horsepower engines.  It also allows for a 75 gallons of fresh water to be carried on board, so you won’t go thirsty or dirty if you are on the water for a couple of days. 

Fast and Roomy

This sleek and sexy boat can easily speed across the water, making you feel like James Bond as you stand at its helm.  The Baja 35 Outlaw is powered by twin Mercury engines, giving the boat a total of 1,400 horsepower.  It allows you to quickly slice through the water, but this boat has smaller tanks that give you a fuel capacity of 185 gallons.  However, it is a lightweight watercraft, coming in at only 8,100 pounds.  Below deck is a roomy cabin that can easily sleep three people, plus it is equipped with air conditioning to add to your comfort.

The Speedboat for Non-Racers

While there are speedboats used exclusively for racing, this boat is a passenger boat that looks like a racer.  The Advantage Poker Run 40’ has a closed top, so one may assume it is may for competition and, although it isn’t, it could give some racing boat a run for the money.  While this isn’t a boat you are going to have pretty ladies hanging out on deck while you speed across the water, there is plenty of room below deck suitable for an afternoon rendezvous and a martini.

High Performance with Head Space

If you want speed, the Velocity 410 has exactly what you need.  At 80 miles per hour, it is probably the fastest speedboat on the water that still has room below deck for lounging.  With headspace of 6’ below deck, most people can stand up comfortably in the cabin.  That is much more room than you get with most speedboats and the cabin is fully equipped, so you don’t have to stop your fun in the sun for lunch, a drink or even a nap.  Just drop anchor and go below to take a siesta.

Plot Your Course

Let’s face it, no one navigates their boat by the sun and stars anymore.  You wouldn’t catch James Bond with an old-fashioned sextant trying to find his location and then charting his course on a map.  He would have the best gadget that money could be or be invented for him to steer his boat with and you should too.  Here are some navigation systems to help you get to where you are going, no matter what waters you are traveling.

High Tech Chartplotter

CDN$ 703.49

The last thing you need while moving across the water on your yacht, or speedboat, is a plodding plotter.  Fortunately, the Lowrance HDS-5M Gen2 Nautic Insighter Chartplotter has quick chart updates so you don’t have to wait to know where you’re location is and where your next port of call is located. Not only does it allow you to see what is going on topside, but you can also get a life-like view of what is going on under the water with this device.

The chart and below water images are clear to see on its high resolution five-inch SolarMax LCD display.  It has a broadband sounder that is able to detect and display everything, so you are aware of any dangers that you may come across in the water.  This chartplotter has only one purpose and that is to help you stay on course.

Portable Location Help

Inside of keeping your chart helper at the helm, the Garmin Quatix NMEA Marine GPS Sport Watch can be worn on your wrist so all you have to do is glance down while you’re sailing.  This portable locator can be with you at all times, so if you are sailing alone, you don’t have to go back to the helm to find out where you are or if you are still on course.  It has tide information, wind directions, wind speed and depth data all on your wrist.  It is a gadget that James Bond would be proud to own and it can be yours as well.