On Bond's Wrist - It's about time

The name's Bond. James Bond. And the time is...just a moment please, let me check my- but what? What watch am I wearing?

Good question, 007. As an international sex symbol whose spy-about-town style has been emblematic of the last half century: how exactly do you like your watches? We can only presume neither shaken nor stirred. But how about wound? Perhaps a Charles-Hubert pocket watch; slim and memorable? Not this on the go agent. With no room for error and few moments to catch his breath, our man on his majesty's service is classy but not fatally so.

So how about the opposite? Something slicker than black ice bringing tomorrow's functionality to the bloody but perfectly folded wrist cuff of your suit? Perhaps a smart watch; a somewhat-catching fresh face in the tech scene – one that further adds to the syncing of all life and smart devices. Would James go for it; perhaps with Q's approving face in mind? Would he seduce or be seduced, say, by Adidas' Micoach Smart Run? In the end, we think not; though his budget could handle it. Bond likes the latest toys, but his sense of style and presentation have always been informed by that endless ocean of mystery that is his elusive past.

Bond the man, not Bond the spy. Bond the traveler, the lone wolf. Bond constantly awash in grit and intrigue; some of his own devising and some not. In the end, it's the Rolex Submariner and the Omega Seamaster that keep time for this agent's heart. In both literature and film, Bond dons the sturdy, nautically-minded wristwatches, setting him back roughly $3,000 per watch – and one imagines that a man living Bond's lifestyle might go through two or three a year.

For elegance, maturity, and a reminder of the chaos of even tradition: Bond keeps to the sea.

 For your Bond look: any of the above watches will do. Factor in your budget (possibly less than that of a spy in her majesty's service) and think about whether you're a stealthy SmartWatch Bond with the latest from Sony keeping pace; or whether you're an in-the-cocktail-lounge Bond, sporting a gold-trimmed . It's all up to you – the decision maker, the last man standing, the man on a mission.

So what'll it be?

Think with your Inner Bond today.

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