Principles To Choosing a Summer Suit Like Bond

There are several key factors in choosing a summer suit. Comfort is one of the most important aspects in choosing a summer suit because there is nothing attractive about seeing someone sweat in their clothing.

There are some fabrics that are simply more appropriate then others for the summer time. Getting that James Bond look is easy when you know what to look for.

The Colors

Winter and fall are reserved for darker conservative colors the summer opens up your wardrobe options quite a bit. You can opt for lighter colors like tans, whites and even pastel colors.

It is always best to choose light colors for summer time wear because they reflect colors better and will keep you cooler besides lighter is the fashion color for the summer.  The best dress men choose colors that are lighter and easier to wear for summertime.

A fashion staple for the summer months is different shades of white. For example you can wear a light shade of white shirt and a darker shade suit jacket and slacks. It affords a layered look.

The Sports Jacket

A lot of men wonder if a sports jacket is necessary in the summer months. The answer is it all depends on the setting. In certain situations it is fine to wear a collared knit shirt and not have to worry about a sports jacket. For example a gathering in the park, a cook out with friends a casual evening under the stars with friends is also a fine time to dress down.

You do need a sports jacket to really finish the look for dinner or a night at the theater.  Of course there are summer weight sports jackets that are a bit more deconstructed than the more formal winter weight jackets.


Summer slacks are looser fitting than most winter styles. They are more laid back and have more movement to them. Long pants made of linen are a favorite for summer styles for men. Slacks can be paired with all different types of tops from long sleeved linen dress shirts to short sleeved pull over collared shirts. Of course slacks are an integral part of any summer suit!


Short pants can also be appropriate for a day of golfing or out on the boat. Shorts should be reserved for day time wear though because they are too informal for the evening. Shorts should never be worn in a business setting by a man. They are completely too casual for any business setting.

Never wear short pants with a sports jacket it just looks silly.


The summer heat can make it difficult to wear a tie so it is perfectly acceptable even stylish to lose the tie for the summer. Of course there will be times when you will need to wear a tie and those times are usually in a business setting or a special night on the town. When the need arises keep the tie light colored and broad (because they are back in style).

The Perfect Suit For Summer

Choosing the perfect summer suit that is going to channel James Bond is an easy pick now that you have a better idea about materials and colors and what not to wear (mixing short pants and a sports jacket).

The perfect suit is a well fitting suit. You can make any suit the perfect suit by making sure that it fits correctly. The right size and the right fit is going to make any suit the perfect suit. Linen is the ideal material for summer wear because it wears well, it is lightweight and always looks good.

The perfect color for the summer is an off white. The bright whites are nice but they are a bit too bright and can sometimes look a little cheesy so you are much better off picking a nice off white. Unless your Don Johnson in Miami Vice.

As discussed earlier layering different shades of light colors is a great way to add some interest and get a little contrast going. Silks are nice but they can be a bit overkill if they are not done right.

Again the key to choosing the perfect suit for you is to find a tailored well fitting suit. You can have most suits off the rack customized to fit you precisely. The way a suit fits you is what will be noticed more than anything else about the suit (unless of course it is a crazy patterned suit which by the way should always be avoided).

Rule of thumb for the choosing the perfect summer suit. Keep it light. Light material, light colored and make sure it fits! Choosing the perfect suit for summer will get you through the entire summer looking great!

Choosing the perfect suit and a few decent shirts can really enhance your wardrobe.