Krav Maga - Not so helpless anymore

With an innocent, puzzled expression the victim raises his or her hands palms up, begging for mercy. “What do you want? My money?”

CDN$ 13.68

The assailant has a knife and waves it menacingly. He’s got the elbow of a stabber, slightly bent. He positioned himself just far enough to be efficient. It’s scary, especially when you know that stabbers tend to stab repeatedly once they get their blade into you. The psychology behind this is quite interesting but we’ll cover that later.

The safest attitude is to “appear compliant” and try to bring the focus away from the knife. Keep your hands up palm facing the threat, drawing his attention from what you're really doing, so that you can make some magic happen with the other hand. Sleight of hand has more to it than making silver dollars disappear.

“Here! - it’s in my pocket” you almost sob, turning slowly sideways to reach to your back pocket with one hand leaving the other one up. This twisting around attracts the attention of your assailant to the hand reaching to your back pocket as it also positions your other hand closer to the threat as you rotate your chest. This is where you hit the bad guy in the crotch with a single kick as you grab and gain control of the hand holding the knife. If you happened to be acting the bad guy in krav maga class, this demonstration taught you two facts:

  1. The only thing that goes through your mind when you get hit in the nuts is: Ouch! You don’t even have time to think about the knife that's just been ejected out of your hand, or the following punch to your face, or the knee that just caused you to lose all of your precious oxygen (if you still have any left over from the kick) leaving you lying on the ground gasping for air. Even a demonstration kick at 50% strength while you're wearing a jockstrap hurts, OK? Imagine in a real situation when the kicker's adrenaline makes him hit at 150% strength without you wearing the jockstrap. As I said: Ouch!
  2. In Krav Maga the defense is always offensive. A block comes with a counter strike.

Your mindset must be really tactically oriented. Your objective is to neutralize the threat, or degrade it to a state were you are safe again.


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