Shades to Fit Your Bond Wear

Where would James Bond be without his shades? Sunglasses are a key part of any summer outfit. Shades just make every outfit cooler and any wearer look more put together. Choosing shades that fit your Bond lifestyle requires some special thought to which Bond you are trying to channel.

For example if you are trying to get the retro Bond look a great pair of shades are the Bogner 7003 style. These white framed glasses made the scene in A View To a Kill in 1985. These retro shades are actually quite hot this season (actually they have never been less than hot). Great style never goes out of vogue. You will get that retro look without having to go out and buy a leisure suit.

Looking for something a little more “today”. The Tom Ford Marko looked great on Daniel Craig as Bond in Skyfall 2012.  Daniel Craig as Bond also wore some Tom Ford FT108's in Quantum of Solace. Tom Ford has a great line of shades that are very Bondesque offering a full range of colors and frame styles.

What pair to pick?

Lets face it not every face is made for every type of shades. It is up to you to decide which pair becomes you. Shades are a very important accessory because it is one of the first things that people notice about you. A cheap pair of shades is a bad investment because they bend, break and generally look like a cheap pair of shades. Bond lifestyle is all about accessories counting. Spend a few bucks extra to get a good pair of shades that will last a long time. Choose the perfect shades and they will never go out of style.

Hands down Bond has focused on Aviator style sun glasses but has departed on several occasions from the Aviator look to a more sporty look. Here is where your decision making process comes in. You should not be looking for a perfect pair but instead several perfect pairs that suit the situation.

For outdoor sporting events you should be looking for sunglasses that have wider frames for more coverage. While at other times you want the sophistication of a good pair of Aviators. Being able to channel Bond means that you have to dress for the part.

Pierce Brosnan as Bond wore a pair of Calvin Kleins in The World is Not Enough. The dark glass was framed by a light gray frame giving them excellent contrast and noticability. The Calvin Klein 2007 were worn in a ski scene during the movie. These shades are a great example of the “sporting event” look that you should be shooting for, for active wear. They are wrap around models and a bit different than Bond's favored “Aviator” style glasses.

Persol frames are a favorite in Casino Royal there are two different types that Bond is spotted wearing in the first scene the metal framed Persol 2244's are worn than later on in the movie the Persol 2720's are worn with the plastic frames. This quick “wardrobe” change is a great example of what an impact the right shades has on a look. The Personl 2244's are metal framed with brown tinted glasses while the 2720's are plastic framed with black lens. The look is dramatically different. The black model says “serious” all the way while the brown with metal frame is a more relaxed look.

Oddly enough the most sought after shades of Bond fans from The World is Not Enough  (the blue “xray” metal framed shades) are actually some no name brand that is very difficult to find/duplicate. The electric blue lens and metal frames made a huge impact but alas no one knows where to find these shades. If you can than you should grab a pair just so you can be “that guy” with the great sunglasses that no one else can find.

The black Pierre Cardin ski goggles were worn by Roger Moore as James Bond in For Your Eyes Only would be an exceptional choice not only for skiing but also for a day of sport on the ocean or lake!  They come fully armed with an elastic strap head band with the designers logo.

Other Options

Ray Ban classic Aviators are always a good choice. Bondesque Aviators would be metal framed (of course) with dark lens to add to the dramatic. A good pair of Aviators should be a part of any Bond life wardrobe.

Classics brands like Ray Ban, Tom Ford and Persol all carry shades that you could easily picture Bond wearing in a host of “scenes” from his life. Choose shades that compliment your face and lifestyle and don't settle for just one pair. Buy a few to compliment the different “scenes” of your life.