Stay in control

Be the type of person you would like to meet

We’ve all encountered a situation where someone we know has lost their cool and said a few things that they wish they could take back.  The only problem is that once words leave your mouth, there isn’t any turning back.  For people who are in the front lines of a discussion or essentially in the limelight, it can be incredibly disastrous to lose your cool.  With that being said, learning how to harness the power of staying calm and learning how to deal with situations in a tactful manner is of the utmost importance.  Below is a list of unique and interesting tricks that you can use to your advantage when you need to focus on self-improvement and eliminate your temper.

Creating a Mental List for Avoidance

There is always that one person (or several people) in your life that you should learn to avoid in order to make sure that you can keep your emotions under control.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you create a mental list for avoidance when dealing with the following personality types:

1. Short Tempered People

It is quite important to avoid people who have short fuses and short tempers as they can trigger residual anger within yourself.  Don’t try to have arguments or discussions with people who are going to get angry with you, otherwise you could lose your cool rather easily.

2. People Who Vent

Although people who vent aren’t necessarily angry, they do have the tendency to go on rants for an extended period of time that could eventually lead to anger.  If you find that it’s difficult for you to keep your cool around these types of people, avoid them at all costs.

3. Continuous Arguers

We all know that person that you can go back and forth with over and over again without a resolution coming into the light.  Although your self-confidence may make you think that you can always win these arguments, you would be quite wrong.  It could lead to a disastrous conversation with detrimental effects.


Tips for Keeping Your Cool

As previously mentioned, keeping your cool is relatively simple if you have the self-confidence and the tools necessary for self-improvement.  Below are some of the best tips that you can use to your advantage to keep your anger under control.

Tip 1: You Don’t Know it All

It is the human condition to assume that we know everything about everything when in reality, there are probably millions of people who know more than we do.  Even if you think that it could be incredibly simple to play dumb during a conversation, humans are prone to developing corrections and comebacks.

Pick and choose your battles wisely as there is a significant difference between pointing out a mistake and constantly critiquing someone.  As an example, if you tell a co-worker that the meeting is on the 7th if they believe it’s on the 8th, you’re simply preventing them from making a mistake.  Whereas if you point out that Nancy was wearing a red sweater during the meeting and not a yellow sweater, you’re being a know-it-all.

Tip 2: Finding Your Poker Face

Poker faces aren’t only used for a popular gambling game, but instead they can be used in social situations.  Actions are one of the many things that speak louder than words and it is your responsibility that you keep your face in check during all situations.  As an example, if the person that you are talking with has paint on their forehead, it would be relatively inappropriate to roll your eyes or shake your head.  Keep a straight face and silence yourself when necessary to ensure that you don’t start something that will get your temper flaring.

It is also important to find a poker face as it will help you to find more self-confidence.  The better your poker face is, the more you will feel like you can tackle any situation that comes along.

Tip 3: Identifying Triggers

Every argument has to start somewhere and in most cases it’s because someone’s triggers have been set off.  If you’re the type of person that is prone to having their buttons pushed, it is important to remember to avoid particular people and situations that could be triggers but first, you need to identify them.  Consider every time that you have lost your cool in the past week and pull out your hidden James Bond confidence.  You will want to effectively analyze what it is that made you mad and learn to avoid it from now on.

Tip 4: Avoiding Fires

Being quiet isn’t always the best situation, instead, it can be more advantageous to completely avoid or prevent yourself from feeding fires.  In most situations, it can be better to use your self-confidence to stay calm while the first wave of anger passes through the person that you are talking to.  This is because most people will stop arguing once the initial phase is finished.  Keeping cool and listening can be your key to success.