Suit Up for Success

James Bond is always looking stylish. From his classic tuxedos to three piece suits, part of building James Bond confidence is clearly rooted in your outward appearance. Sure, building self-confidence starts on the inside. But to reflect how good you feel inside, you should be sure to look great on the outside, too. Your appearance truly dictates who you are. Think about it…what do you usually wear? What does it say about you? Looking good is an important part of any self-improvement program. In this article, we will explore more about how your outward appearance is tied to your self-confidence. We will also tell you about how you can change up your appearance to give yourself more of that signature James Bond confidence.

Why Looking Good Matters

Do you typically find yourself going out in tee shirts and jeans? Even so, do you have a favorite outfit? How do you feel when you put on that outfit? We bet that you find your self-confidence soars. So how can you get that kind of James Bond confidence every day? By wearing what makes you feel good about yourself each day! But did you know that you can seriously boost your own confidence when you decide to dress up just a bit. Why not try it? Instead of wearing a tee, trade it out for a button-up and a tie. Wear a sports coat out. Or even a tailored pair of jeans. You will look more confident, professional, and put together. Believe us, people will take note.

First Impressions are Still Important

Have you ever noticed how that James Bond confidence comes across to everyone he meets, even within the first few seconds? He seems seriously sure of himself, worldly, and knowledgeable. And his appearance only serves to back up that persona. If you are looking for true self-improvement, you, too, should strive to make first impressions as powerful as this. While suavity does play a role in first impressions, so, too, do the clothes on your back. After all, what sort of international spy could take a man in overalls and work boots seriously if he is in a casino bar? Boost your self-confidence by dressing for the occasion. People will respect you, instantly.

What Ladies Love

Ladies love self-confidence. They also love a man who knows how to look good. Again, James Bond exemplifies that. He seems to get all the gorgeous ladies. And it’s not just his self confidence that keeps the girls flocking to him. It is also his sense of style. James Bond knows seems to know what sort of cuts accentuate his best attributes. He is a man who is not above taking risks with his fashion. But he also knows when it is time to stick with the classics that should be part of every man’s wardrobe. Don’t believe us? Check out what Bone typically wears…

A True Bond Appearance

How can you get that true James Bond confidence through pulling off the Bond appearance? Here are a few classic pieces every man striving to be Bond should have in their closet:

·       A black blazer;

·       The black tuxedo with classic white undershirt and black bow tie;

·       A black turtleneck;

·       At least one modern cut two-piece suit, preferably in black, navy blue, or grey;

·       A long tie to match their suit and/or blazers;

·       A black button-up tailored shirt with khaki trousers;

·       Well shined dress shoes in black or brown;

·       A black and brown leather belt;

·       A fashionable watch;

·       White and black polo shirts;

·       A brown or black sport coat;

·       A pair of well-tailored trousers in black, grey, or brown.

Your Own Makeover

We are not saying that you have to throw out all your old clothes tomorrow. Self-improvement is always gradual. Start out by adding one or two of the items listed above to your wardrobe. Start to wear them as part of your regular rotation. See if you notice a difference in confidence when you feel you look good. We bet that you will. That’s the James Bond confidence shining through. Think about expanding your wardrobe, gradually, to include more and more of these looks. After a while, people will just expect you to look fantastic every day. And you will!

Building James Bond Confidence

Remember, when it comes to self-confidence, clothes do not make the man. Instead, the man makes the clothes look classic, stylish, and fantastic. Complete your James Bond look by keeping your facial hair well-trimmed, or rock the clean shaven look. You may also want to think about styling your hair in a way to match your wardrobe. Think about hitting the gym and eating better. In no time, you will ooze that signature James Bond confidence that you have always wanted. We can almost promise you that.