Underwater Adventures - Top Gears

Of course, when James Bond is outfitted for his next mission, he receives only the best of the best gear that can be bought or invented.  If you wish to maintain a Bond-esque lifestyle, you should buy the top of the line equipment for your adventures in the water.  Whether it is for scuba diving, swimming or other water sports, having the best equipment will keep you safe, informed and help you look cool.  Here is a list of some of the best gear that your money can buy.

Best Dive Watch

While you don’t need to also buy the most expensive dive watch in order to find one that works well, the Breitling Superocean watch can go from the water to a five star restaurant with ease.  While it will function to tell you how far down you are going, you can also wear it with a tuxedo to take your date for a special dinner because of its stylish design. 

The diver in you will love it because it water resistant to 200 meters and the window is made from an antireflective sapphire crystal.  A Breitling watch of any kind oozes the type of class Bond would love, but this one also is functional in the water.  Expect to pay around $4,500 to $5,000 for this watch.

Best Diving Regulator

Your regulator is one of the most important pieces of diving gear you own as it helps you breathe when you’re underwater.  One of the best regulators that you can buy is the Atomic Aquatics ST1 regulator, which will run you about $950.00.  While that may sound pricey to some divers, you do get what you pay for and this regular has been noted for its ability to help divers breath comfortably in any position.  It also has a high-flow second stage case that lowers the effort to breath, no matter your diving depth.  This regulator was named as Scuba Lab’s Testers Choice.

Best Dive Computer

Every gadget that Bond uses is only the best because you get the best results from top of the line gear.  If you need a dive computer for your underwater adventures, the Uwatec Galileo SOL is a hoseless wrist computer with a large display that makes it easy to see what the readings.  A versatile computer can do everything you need it to do and check your heart rate to boot.  The digital compass can be read under every imaginable condition, make it easy to navigate and stay on your course.  Expect to pay around $1,200 for this piece of dive equipment.

Best Wet Suit

You may not need to slip out of your wet suit and be wearing a tuxedo like James Bond, but if you do need to stay dry while diving or surfing, the Waterproof W3 3.5mm wet suit could be exactly the one you need.  For comfort, this wet suit has pre-bent arms and legs that make it easier to bend, stretch and move around in the water.  It also zippers at the neck, wrists and ankles to help prevent water from seeping into the suit and it is double stitched to make it more durable.  They are made in gender specific models to fit their best and they will set you back about $250.

Best Scuba Mask

You need a mask that is going to provide good visibility and be as leak proof as possible so you are not distracted while you dive.  The Atomic Aquatics Sub-Frame is regarded as a high-end mask noted for its comfort, it is leak proof and it gives the wearer a wide field of vision.  It offers a snug fit on the diver’s face and it doesn’t put the squeeze on your face when you’re diving at depths of 100 feet or more.  This scuba mask is listed around $115.

Best Snorkeling Gear Set

There are a lot of snorkel sets to choose from, but one of the best on the market is made by U.S. Divers.  The set comes with a comfortable mask, a dry snorkel, fins and a travel bag to carry all of your gear.  While these snorkel sets are among the best you can buy, they will not break the bank.  You can buy an excellent U.S. Divers snorkel set for around $50.

The mask fits well, it provides a good range of vision and it resists leaks.  The fins are great quality and they are easy to buckle to your feet with an adjustable strap.  They provide great maneuverability in the water while you’re enjoying the scenery below the surface.  While you may not need to quickly outpace a terrorist or spy, this snorkel set will let you get up close and personal with tropic fish while you’re in the water in your favorite dive locale.