This Months Bond's Lifestyle in the Heat

Live the Bond Lifestyle in the Heat

Everything James Bond touches turns to gold and with that being said, there are thousands of men throughout the world who are looking for ways that they can live the Bond lifestyle.  Although we are aware of the suits and extravagance that surrounds James Bond, what about his summer style?  Below are tips that you can use to live as a summer Bond and enjoy the warmer months.

Choosing a Summer Vacation

Golden Eye Ian Fleming's House in Jamaica

Golden Eye Ian Fleming's House in Jamaica

Some of the main things that Bond is known for are the exotic locations that he travels to.  You may want to consider finding the perfect summer vacation spot to help ease your mind and simply live like James Bond for a couple of weeks.  Some summer vacation spots to consider include: Istanbul, London, Lake Como, and Shanghai.


Bond-Esque Alcoholic Beverages

There are thousands of different drinks that you can order that fulfilled James Bond and will fulfill you.  Whether you are interested in beers or spirits, the options are relatively endless.  But remember, in order to provide the most masculine appeal forget the straws.  Some fresh manly drinks that you should consider ordering include: an Americano, any spirit on the rocks, and of course a martini.

Stay in Shape with Summer Sports

Summer sports, also known as water sports, are a great way to keep your body in shape throughout the summer.  Consider picking up water polo or simply swimming laps around a pool during your downtime.  This will help to keep your abs sharp through the summer and into the cooler months.

Art for Thunderball

Art for Thunderball

Choosing a Summer Suit

We are all aware of how Bond loves his suits and with that being said, they are generally too heavy and uncomfortable during the summer months.  Consider subbing the formal suits for something more light, such as a light fabric shirt and linen pants.  Make sure that you choose colors that compliment your eyes and your skin tone.

Finding Bond Shades

Aside from protecting your eyes, shades are a great way to add a sleek and stylish appeal to your everyday wardrobe.  If you’re looking for the perfect Bond shades, consider the designer Tom Ford as he has some of the most modern and edgy sunglasses currently on the market.

Exhilarating Activities  

How can you live the Bond lifestyle without living on the edge?  With the use of exhilarating activities you will have a summer to remember, plus you may pick up some extra skills along the way.  Skydiving lessons, visiting a shooting range, or even racetrack training are three Bond-esque activities that you can participate in during the summer.

Finding the Perfect Car

This is one of the most important factors to consider when you are looking to live like a summer Bond.  You will want to find a car that provides you with the ability to ride around with the top down.  Whether you buy a new summer car or simply rent one while on vacation, the options are relatively endless.

Taking Time to Yourself

The final and most important factor to consider when you are looking to live like Bond is to take time to yourself, even James Bond does it.  Recharging your batteries is a great way to amp you up for next year’s activities if you wish to live like Bond again.