Where to Find the Best Snorkel Sites in the World

James Bond is not the type of guy to sit idly on a beach soaking up the sun, unless some hot woman has his attention.  If you are going to live the Bond lifestyle, you need to be an active participant and spend your time on interesting activities, such as snorkeling.  If you have never tried snorkeling and want to get how to do so, there are many beautiful destinations around the world where you can learn the sport. 

Unlike scuba diving, you don’t need any special certification for snorkeling and you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment.  All you need is a set of fins, a mask and snorkel to be able to swim underwater.  Here are some of the best places in the world to go snorkeling.

A Marine Paradise

Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles is well known as one of the best diving spots in the world.  Many scuba divers and snorkelers go there to see life beneath the warm waters of the Caribbean.  The area around Bonaire has been protected as a national marine sanctuary for over three decades and it is the home of various tropical fish, live coral and large marine life.  There is a guided snorkel program that takes tourists to the five most popular snorkel sites in Bonaire.  For a mere $10 fee, you can snorkel all you please for one full year.


Snorkeling in Solitude

Living like James Bond will take you to exotic locales all over the world to enjoy snorkeling, including to Malaysia.  Sipadan Island in Malaysia is the only oceanic island in the country and it is home to one of the best diving sites in the world.  The island is a national park, so a permit is needed to go onto it, but after getting into the water, you will see that it is well worth the effect.  The undersea life includes over 30,000 varies of fish and several species of living coral.  The area is remote, so there are not throngs of tourists to deal with when you go to the island.

See Whales in the South Pacific

For an adventure in the waters near the tropical paradise island of Tahiti, you can take your snorkel equipment to Rurutu, French Polynesia.  Rurutu is a very small island south of Tahiti where you can witness humpback whales living in the area and giving birth to their calves.  The best time to see the migrating whales is in the months from November to August.

Visit a World Heritage Site

To visit this archipelago, you have to pay a fee to go Fernando de Noronha, Brazil in order to snorkel as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  However, the funds go to the preservation of the island and keep it pristine for the marine life that lives under the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  It is one of 21 islands and islets found off the Brazilian coastline and, at one time, it was home to a prison.  Now, you can snorkel there to watch sea turtles, dolphins and a variety of other marine life.  The waters are so clear in the area that you may not need to snorkel to see some of the life beneath the waters as it is clear for up to 50 meters in some spots.

Snorkel Calmly

Head to the Maldives, which is located on the beautiful Indian Ocean.  You can walk off the sand, into the water to start snorkeling and take in the sights beneath the calm, blue waters.  There are several species of fish exclusive to that part of the world that you can see, including the lion fish.  The snorkeling areas are only about 25 miles away from the international airport in Male and many of the resorts in the area are popular honeymoon destinations.

Travel to Tropical Bali

To appreciate the diving areas around Menjangan Island in Bali, you should plan your trip anytime from April through November when you can see as far as 100 feet down in the calm waters.  Snorkel to enjoy the sight of schools of electric-blue chromis or swim along the large coral formations that lay about 20 yards from the shoreline.  The island is a national park, so the area is protected from fishing and species collectors.  Bali is definitely a Bond like locale with its exotic landscapes, food and tropical ocean breezes.

Snorkel the California Coast

You don’t have to travel to far away lands to go to one of the best snorkeling sites in the world, but you can stay stateside and visit Catalina Island in California.  Just a few miles from the Los Angeles shoreline, you can snorkel the kelp forests that lay off the coast of the island.  Swim among the orange garibaldi fish before taking time to relax on the beach.