In this section you will find all the information you need to get started, keep going and improve your current fitness.

The Super Spy Me team collected a great amount of programs form different special forces around the world. Go through the programs at your own pace. 

What you need to understand and accept first and foremost is that you can't achieve anything without committing to it. All the programs are good; some of them are used by military and special forces for a reason. It's difficult but its worth it. The problem awaiting you is motivation. Remember why you are doing this. 

The Program Overview

The program has been divided in three phases to make it easier for a new comer to get started. Whilst the parts are added on top of one another, you could still jump through the sections and still earning results. However the important thing to understand is that while it is true that you could get straight to lifting weights and skip the dieting parts, you would struggle to see results. Simply put, you can't out train bad diet. If you eat badly you wont achieve much. SO take the time to go through the boring diet stuff first. Make the effort to understand how this works. You'll thank us later.

It is best if that you use weights to achieve the best results, but it is NOT essential. I read some place once "You are fitness" and I believe it is true. Your body is a fitness machine. You can easily get going and improve you physical condition simply using your own body weight as resistance. There is absolutely no excuses not to train, your body has everything it needs to get fit, muscles and weight.

You need to sleep; without proper sleep you can't recover completely from your workouts and your busy work days. Get to bed and sleep. Your muscles are rebuilding while you sleep. 

The program is divided in parts just to help you focus on one thing at a time.  Read through the material and make sure you complete the assignments. The assignments are meant to empower you with the tools to make your fitness endeavors a success. 

With that knowledge in hand we make sure to fuel our body properly. 

Part one - Physical Assessment

We start by making an assessment of your current physical state. Run some tests and make some calculations to make sure you are putting the right amount of effort at the right place. 

This is going to be a bit rough. Especially if you haven't taken care of yourself for a long time. But worry not, it gets easier everyday.

Part two - Planning 

Using the information you gathered in part one we'll set goals to make sure you'll meet your target. But you must be realistic when making your plans. If you've never exercised before or it's been a long time since you did. Start slow. You'll get up to speed very quickly. 

Take your time when sorting out you training days and your weekly menus. That makes the whole difference. You'll be better off if you have gone through Part 1.

We talk about supplementation too. 

Part Three - Implementation

That will be the exercises program. We don't believe in a lot of the new hip stuff. If Arnold managed to get there using classic moves so are you. Its time to take action; get at it chop chop.


Fitness is in you. Your body is an incredible machine designed to adapt to your lifestyle. If you feed it doughnuts and sit on the couch all day, your body will adapt to be good at staying on the couch all day. That said, the adaptation may not be what you are after. But it is how your body will adapt to it.


There are 3 pillars that balances one's health. When you get all three of them right you come to be in great shape. The problem is that if one is not holding it's part the whole thing can collapse.

The three pillars are:

  • Nutrition - The fuel you put in your body to get going.
  • Exercise - What you do to get the machine running right.
  • Rest - Letting the body enough time to recover.

If you get this right you will feel great.