Back in the day when humans were nomadic, It was the ability to store energy as fat that allowed us to survive until food was abundant again. This is futile today with all the grocery stores around the corner. But hey! We are still stuck with the same old genetic.

I use to overlook this part for years. Thinking all the sups I'm taking and all the gym time I'm doing are going to balance out the food part. I was wrong. In fact it is not before I started to take the nutrition part seriously that I started to see real results. This moment I realized that I can't out-train a bad diet that I zoomed in on the case. YOU CAN'T COMPETE WITH WHAT YOU EAT. It's that simple. It takes 15 minutes to eat a cheese burger (1366 Calories) and you need half a marathon, 2 hours 10 minutes, to burn it.

I also found out that until you KNOW what you put in your mouth. What your meal is worth in energy potential (calories) you can't be in control of what you body will be. The bottom line is that if you lack energy, if you you're overweight, you won't be at your best.

Getting rid of a massive amount of useless believes and myths. Just by asking the right questions. You find your self in the clear. Too much information kills the information. Keep it simple. I don't believe a sudden change in human evolution happens every months. Stuff that worked for the ancient Greek still works today. That is leaving drugs aside. The fitness industry wont sell you magazines and supplements if they have nothing new to say. Remember that. 

When the whole nutrition aspect is taken care of, you will quickly realize that you are on the right path. But what is fuel without the engine to burn it? Whilst it is true that eating right will get you on track to get a Greek god body. You would still need to exercise it to get there.


To understand food you must get what it is made of. This is why you read about macro-nutrients in magazines and specialized websites. Look up the definition here. 

You must have heard of the macro-nutrients before but here they are:

  • Carbohydrates;
  • Protein;
  • Fat;

In the program we'll teach you how to balance your nutrients. How to calculate the amount of energy you need to get the fuel you need to get going daily. There is some math involved to do this but its simple to do.

When eating real food there is no evil, the only thing you need to know is how much energy it's worth so you don't over eat. Most of the time the reason why people drop out of diets is usually because the diet is too restrictive.  Taking on too much change all at the same time is though on willpower. It would be smart to take smaller steps towards success don't you think? Eat the food you like but just not over your daily limit.