ABWEHR - German military intelligence organization from 1866 to 1944.

ACCESS AGENT - A talent spotter, performs reconnaissance for recruiters. An asset in place inside an organization that can provide personal and behavioral information on people of interest.

ACORN - Slang for someone who is performing a function within intelligence.

ACTION DIRECTE - An underground group in France.

ACTIVE MEASURES - (активные мероприятия) A term used by Russian intelligence services, from the Cheka to FSB, for political warfare that aims to influence the course of world events by any means, from propaganda to assassination. Also intelligence collection and assessment. Said to have succeeded in sowing dissent in many countries, and also to have had Trump elected in the USA.

ADFGVX CIPHER - Introduced by the Germans in World War I, it is based on an ancient idea of associating letters with positions on a grid.

AGENT / ASSET - A person obtaining intelligence for an intelligence service, under control of a CASE officer.

AGENT-IN-PLACE - A government employee who is influenced to cooperate with a foreign country to influence national policy, or a deep-cover agent with influence among the members of a target group / government instead of defecting; now working for two employers instead of one.

AGENT-OF-INFLUENCE - A person who works within the government or media of a target

AGENT PROVOCATEUR - For example a cop posing as member of a subversive group and enticing riots etc.

AIR AMERICA - CIA front company.

AIS - Argentina's intelligence agency.

AIVD - The secret service of the Netherlands. Formerly called BVD.

ALLIANCE BASE - Alliance Base is the cover name for a secret Western Counterterrorist Intelligence Center (CTIC) that was allegedly established in 2002 in Paris. According to a Washington Post article, Alliance Base is funded by the CIA and its French equivalent, the DGSE. It allegedly hosts officers from Great Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia and the United States and is used for intelligence exchange and operational planning.

ALPHA Group, The - Official name is Directorate "A" of the FSB Special Purpose Center that acts under the direct control and sanction of Russia's top political leadership. Available for extended police duties, for paramilitary operations, and for covert operations, both domestically and internationally.

AL AMN AL-KHAS - Iraq's security service.

AMAN - Israel's central military intelligence agency. See Military Intelligence Directorate.

AMERIKA / AMERIKKKA - Underground metaphor for a fascist USA reminiscent of Nazi Germany.


ANALYSIS / SPY ANALYSIS - Drawing conclusions about raw information by assessing its significance and by collating it with other information.


ASALA - Underground group in Armenia.

A.S.I.O. - Australian Security Intelligence Organization. Its role is analogous to that of MI5 in Britain or the FBI in the USA.

A.S.I.S. - Australian Secret Intelligence Service, a department of A.S.I.O.

ASSASSINATION - Assassination is a sudden, usually unexpected act of murder committed for impersonal reasons, typically with a political or military leader as its target.

ASSAULTER - A member of an assault team responsible for making a forced entry.

AUM SHRINKYO - Underground group in Japan with expertise in germ and chemical warfare.

AUSTRALIAN SIGNALS DIRECTORATE - The Australian government agency responsible for foreign signals intelligence, support to military operations, cyber warfare, and information security. See DSD.

A.V.B. - Hungary's security service, the Allami Vedelmi Batosag.