KANT, Noor Inayat - Spy.

KELL, Vernon - Spy.

KELLEY INVESTIGATION - Brian Kelley was a veteran CIA agent and spy hunter who worked for the agency for 22 years after another 20 years in the U.S. Air Force counterintelligence. Despite his experience and talent, Kelley was suspected of being a Soviet spy and was investigated for more than two years by the FBI.

KENPEITAI (The) - It was both a conventional military police and a secret police force. Carried out intelligence and subversion activities, recruited and ran spies, treated Allied captives with extreme brutality. (1881-1945)

KEYLOGGER - A software or hardware device or program used to capture the keystrokes any actions of a computer user, often without their knowledge.

KGB - The Soviet Union's all-powerful intelligence and security service during the Cold War. In 1995, the KGB became the FSK, and was then reorganized as the FSB by Boris Yeltsin.

K-LINE - SVR internal security and investigations section.

KOANCHO - Japan's counterintelligence and security service.

KOMPROMAT - Romanized Russian word for "compromising material". This material, real or forged, can be used as a threat to blackmail targets into loyalty, or made public in order to destroy said target. Used against foreign targets or internally as part of the SISTEMA.

KUCZYNSKI, Ruth - Spy.